About Us


About Us

Your partner for international shipping

TST TOTAL SPEDITION TRANSPORT SRL is a road freight transport company based in Oradea that operates in the field of national and international shipments and shipping since 2009. We are specialized in import-export, which we perform with a modern and ecological fleet of vehicles, TIR trucks with semi-trailers.
The experience gained in the world of transportation and shipping has taught us that success for a company is the ability to know how to transform quickly to follow the evolution of the market and meet customer expectations under all circumstances.
A state-of-the-art fleet with low environmental impact, whose maintenance is entrusted to professional technicians who work in a well-equipped internal workshop, allowing the company to pay special attention to vehicle reliability, safety and the environment.
State-of-the-art satellite navigation systems, installed on each vehicle owned, allow the traceability of the transported goods at any time. The customer can track his goods shipping with a simple internet connection.


Policy related to Quality – Safety – Environment

TST's desire and commitment is addressed to offer high quality services: a flexible and quality shipping service with permanent monitored vehicles.

Therefore, the TST quality management system is structured in order to:

»Identify and meet the needs and expectations of its customers and the interacting communities;

»Obtain competitive advantages efficiently;

»Obtain, maintain and improve the organization overall performance and capabilities.

There is a future awareness that success goes through a constant renewal, with emphasis not only on greater efficiency of the service, but also on the entire activity, going through customer loyalty programs, processes of training and integration of internal staff and respect for environmental issues.


TST has defined its own Quality, Environment and Safety policy by defining measurable objectives with a constant tendency to improve the company's own processes. Our objectives embody a precise commitment to environmental friendliness, occupational safety and the provision of quality services in full compliance with law in force.


Considering all these, our goal is to:


Put the customer on the first place

  • We promptly answer to customer requests, trying to fully understand their needs;
  • We carry out the shipments in accordance with the regulations, the laws in force and what has been agreed with the customer;
  • Introducing ourselves to the customer with professionalism and competence;
  • We guarantee the full reliability of customer service even in urgent conditions.


Respect the people in the center of the organization

  • We pay attention to human resources, with adequate training programs, in order to continuously improve professional skills and interpersonal relationships;
  • Involvement and motivation of company functions.


Pay special attention to safety regulations

  • We comply with the regulations on health and safety at work, involving all employees, so that everyone has the duty and responsibility to take care of their own health and that of others;
  • We maintain an organization capable of ensuring full compliance with legislation on worker safety and aiming at constant risk increasing and accident prevention;


  • We make every effort in organizational, operational and technological terms to prevent accidents at work, avoiding risks and assessing and mitigating unavoidable ones;
  • We provide the necessary training to staff and facilitate communication on safety issues.


We protect and respect the environment

  • We keep a management system capable of ensuring full compliance with environmental protection legislation and aimed at constantly improving its environmental performance and pollution prevention.


Above all, the company intends to:

  • Support the conservation of natural resources with actions aimed at the efficient use of energy;
  • Limit waste production and optimize their management;
  • Ensure that all staff are aware, responsible and involved in the company's efforts in managing environmental issues related to the activities carried out;
  • Development and use of appropriate procedures to identify and minimize the negative impact on the environment resulting from its activities;
  • Use of vehicles that are increasingly compatible with the environment;
  • TST undertakes to disseminate its own policy within its company and to make it available abroad, reviewing it periodically, to ensure that it is appropriate for its organization.

Call us for a bid and a dedicated consultant who evaluates the most suitable solution depending on the type of cargo, dimensions, time required for delivery, destination and all other details needed to evaluate the most efficient shipping method for goods abroad.

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